"Happy little trees?!... Psh, try angry hot fires of CREATION!"

I actually started this a year ago, but got overwhelmed by this worlds darkness. Needless to say it was put away and forgotten until last week. When I picked it back up and have now finished it. Painted on a scrap of masonite, hand mounted, and gessoed. While buying the premade gesso boards save time, it is far more rewarding (and VERY time consuming) to make my own. I made this as a Banner for my various webpages, and archives for It is rare that I ever draw or paint my personal character, I am usually to busy painting for everyone else.  

The circle complete, the spell is cast! A year the price, the reward, prosperity at last!

Media: Acrylic on Mounted Gesso Board
Size: 12" X 24"
Date: July 2017

1993-2016: All rights reserved by Odis Holcomb (AKA: Ryngs Raccoon). Any reproduction or distribution of the artwork, designs, and images presented here without the prior consent of the artist is strictly prohibited.