Badge commission for Hikaru

The Mercenary prowls the derelict ship, the chill of deep space encroaching upon the recently fail life support, the chill feels good to his kind. A breeze cuts through the halls as the remaining atmosphere is being sucked into space from a hole caused by his attack. This causes his light bending camo shroud to flap light a flag on a windy day. If the air gets to low his scared plasti-plate armor will automatically activate his transparent ballistic atmosphere helmet.

The target of this assignment hides somewhere in the dark. Using his disposable smart drone to both create light, scan the bulkheads for hidden compartments, in addition to running numerous other technical tasks, and give him company. His targeting goggles connected to the drone, allows him see what it sees. The mercenary left behind his heavy rail rifle, opting instead for a light fire magnetic pistol. No need in blowing another hole in the ship, that might cause it to rupture and send him and his target flying into the frigid darkness of lifeless deep space.”

I spent to much time on this one. I got carried away... I used to do nothing but sci-fi sketches, and designs for weapons, armor, and equipment. My favorite Sci-fi RPG at one time was - a not entirely fully fleashed out - game called Justifiers. I took it upon my self to rewrite its entire system, characters, and equipment with illustrations. I would be lying if I was to say this painting was not influences by older illustrations I had done.

Badge version [Here]

Media: Acrylic on Gesso Board

Size: 5" X 7"
Date: July 2017

1993-2016: All rights reserved by Odis Holcomb (AKA: Ryngs Raccoon). Any reproduction or distribution of the artwork, designs, and images presented here without the prior consent of the artist is strictly prohibited.