Commission for Lionel

Fallout Fan Art (Sort of). A lot of things can arise out of a post apocalypse world.

I wanted to do something different. He origonally order a charcoal commission, but due to repeated delays never got to it with in the set deadline. I had a bunch of this weird color paint I call "Gak", and it does weird things when you mix it with whites, and blacks. Its moody and hard to keep consistent. So, I upgraded to commission to a monochromatic painting, and painted with my "Gak" color.

Not much else to say, other then I was commissioned to do a two headed anthro bear in NCR armor (from fallout) with a mini-gun in post apocalypse San Francisco.

Media: Acrylic on Masonite

Size: 16" X 20"
Date: June 2017

1993-2016: All rights reserved by Odis Holcomb (AKA: Ryngs Raccoon). Any reproduction or distribution of the artwork, designs, and images presented here without the prior consent of the artist is strictly prohibited.