Birthday Gift Art for Ardenfetz

"The Dragon Barbarian returns, stronger then before, and filled with Satisfaction..."

This is a quickie character portrait piece for Ardenfetz for his Birthday Day. I was reminded that it was his b-day was but a few days away, and I had nothing for him... I had to do something, as he has done so much to support my art, and drag me out of my hole more then once. The least I could do is show my appreciation.

A quick sketch, some paint, two live streaming sessions, and 17 hours later I completed this... This is the fastest I have EVER done a painting. I often agonize over concept, composition, and details to the point it can take me days/weeks to complete a piece... Not this time. I did not have time to suffer, lament, and nit-pic.

While I don't feel its my best work. I am pleased with its out come considering the time and effort invested. I would have liked to do more, and tell more of a story here. I will just have to leave that up to the title, and the composition and let the viewer come up with their own tale.

Medium: Acrylic on Hardboard
Size: 11 in x 14 in
Date: March 2016

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