Commission for Denimwizard

Weichund is a living Rottweiler Plushie (Stuffed Animal), and this is based on the Plushie Fursuit. I went with a more plushie design for Weichund, focusing on the character description of “Soft” and “Toy like”. Shying away from the fursuit IT SELF. The art is biased in favor of realism. This design allowed me to play up the "Plushie" aspect without making Weichund look all "Stitched" together, and avoiding just copying the fursuit which this is based on.

These types of badges are always a challenge as they step out side my comfort zone of Anthro Animals. Doing Objects, and Fursuits (living or other wise) is a different set of gears. The Fur and the Anatomy are not always there, and they need to look synthetic yet possibly alive. Anyways this one was fun, and challenging.

Medium: Mixed Media on Bristol
Size: 3 in x 4 in
Date: 2015

1993-2016: All rights reserved by Odis Holcomb (AKA: Ryngs Raccoon). Any reproduction or distribution of the artwork, designs, and images presented here without the prior consent of the artist is strictly prohibited.