“In an age past, once sat a druid's grove. Where durids, spirits of nature, and fey watched over the land. Then came the dark priests, with their evil war gods, and their bloody crusade. They conquered the land, enslaved the people, and crushed any resistance. Where the druid's grove stood they built a temple of cursed stone, with blood and bone. Only one thing survived of the druid grove, an enchanted sword. A powerful weapon that once awakened and in the right hands could rout the conquers, but it was lost to the ages. All but forgotten.

In time the dark gods tyranny passed as all things do. The land returned to peace and prosperity. The temple fell into ruin. Then suddenly, people from the near by village started to disappear. One by one, always at night. It was only for the bold to track them down within the dark ruined temple. It was there that Garrick, separated from his party, lost in darkness did his sword begin to glow with the druids long lost magic. Exposing the truth of his situation, and calling the temples demonic guardians to his location. Yet, these beasts may not be prepared for the sword, or the unlikely hero who now wields the “Druid's Blade”...”

The Miniatures used in this diorama are all exclusively from Reaper Miniatures:
The main mini is Garrick the Bold, 77008; sculpted by Bobby Jackson.
The climbing demonic beasts are Bat Demon (x3), 77261; by Bob Ridolfi. Heavily modified with Green Stuff.
Random Bones, from Skeletal Swordsman (3), 77017; sculpted by David Pugh.

I built the diorama with XPS foam for the base blocks and armature. Followed by milliput and green stuff. The skulls are Games Workshop, “Box of Skulls”. The chain is a costume jewelry chain. The lantern is a bead, and the top of a OH scale model train street lamp.

Like the last diorama I did, I wanted to push my limits by giving my self several limits. Had to make or used only Reaper Miniatures. It had to tell a clear story or scene. Finally it had to use the miniature “Garrick The Bold” from Reaper Miniatures. I ended up with an entirely different diorama then I set out to make. The concept changed not once but three times before I settled on this. This diorama was a lot more complicated then I expected it to be, and took longer then it should. It was a learning experience in the extreme, and I am fairly pleased with the out come


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