(Murkillor the Wraith King)

“High atop the hill, where once the Castle of the King Murkillor stood, intruders enter the ancient, cursed ruins. Not the first fools, not the last. The King stirs, and he calls forth his court (past victims of the King, damned for eternity), to welcome his uninvited guest. This night they feed, and their victims become as they are, cursed for all time...”

The main miniature is Murkillor the Wraith King (01639) from Reaper Miniatures sculpted by Bobby Jackson. I decided to make a diorama or display piece from the is version of the miniature. Which was a limited resin cast for ReaperCon 2019.

I started this project to push my limits in the hobby, do something amazing for this amazing mini, and to try out the Reaper Miniature Paints I won through a random drawing on Reaper Live on Twitch (Thursdays at 6pm CST). Lots of firsts with this project. First diorama, first resin mini I have ever painted, first time doing non-metallic metal, and first time using Reaper Paints (which are far better then I had been led to believe). I learned a lot from this project. I made everything on this diorama except the Murkillor miniature, the stairs, and the skulls. The runes on the stone pillar are my initials, and the year (OH 19). Signing my work.


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