The Fine Art and Fursuits of "Ryngs"

Closed for Fursuit Commissions!

If interested PLEASE read the following instructions.

How to commission a Fursuit

If you are interested in a Fursuit made by me, please read ALL of the following for details.

Step 1: Concept & Contact:

Contact me with your character concept, give me as much information as possible, and any art or reference sheets you have. [Contact Here]

I will then reply with a Quote. The more complex a character design the more expensive it will be.

Please understand, that I hand pick the commissions I take, and I can only take so many at a time. So, don't feel bad if I am unable to take your commission at the time you submit it.

[Contact Here] to inquire about a fursuit commission.

Step 2: Deposit

Once you receive the quote, to secure your commission I will require 30% of the total cost to be paid up front. This is a non-refundable deposit, which will be used to purchase the materials to build your suit.

Once I receive 100% of the suits cost is PAID IN FULL I will begin work on your commission or as soon as possible. Though I may have multiple commissions in queue.

Step 3: The DTD & your Measurements

The Duck Tape Dummy (DTD); what is it? Its a full body mold of a person made out of duct tape.

I will not start your commission until I have a DTD of the person who is going to be wearing the finished suit. If you do not have or can not provide me with a DTD then I can not take your commission. You will have to have one made, and ship to me ASAP. If you do not know how to make one or have one made search Youtube, there are several videos on the subject.

In addition to the DTD, I require a few measurements:

- Head circumference

- Shoe size

- Height

- Weight

- Length of arm from shoulder to finger tips

- Inseam to the floor

-There maybe more I will require, depending

Step 4: Construction

I will begin construction of your suit as soon as the 100% of the suits cost is PAID IN FULL. If I have no other commissions before yours then completion can take any where from 1 to 6 months (I am a single artist, I have no staff, or assistants so some suit may take some time). As I work I will send you update photos of the work at hand.

Step 5: Shipping

Once the suit is complete I will require a shipping address. The costumer is responsible for the shipping costs. I use FedEx for US shipments, and USPS for international shipments. I will get a shipping cost quote and once it is paid I will ship the finished product.

Final Step: Enjoying your Fursuit

Go forth and be seen!

Start the process [HERE]

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