The Fine Art and Illustrations of "Ryngs"


Not Open For Commission at the Moment

Price list for custom commissions:

Color Paintings on Masonite or Canvas:

8" x 10" - Color $110
11" x 14" - Color $210
16" x 20" - Color $420
18" x 24" - Color $550
24" x 30" - Color $750
30" x 40" - Color $1200
5" x 7" Conbadge/Painting $75

Charcoal on Bristol or Illustration Board:

8" x 10" - Grey $65
11" x 14" - Grey $120
16" x 20" - Grey $240
18" x 24" - Grey $335

Add additional Character adds 25% to the base cost per. If I am shipping out side the continental US add an additional $20.00 for shipping.

I will also work in non-standard sizes, and larger sizes, upon request. I charge by size more then subject matter or time. I usually Require all payment up front before I start the painting, I can work out a payment plan, but the painting will not be started until its paid in full.

All my works are done in Archival professional quality materials, varnished, and will (if taken care of) last hundreds of years. 

If you have any more questions I will do my best to answer them. You can contact me via this site, or by FB Messaging, Twitter, or the best way E-mail.

Published Illustrations

If you are an art director looking for an artist for your publication, contact me for details. I am always looking for new sources to apply my art to, and I pride myself on my ability to draw and paint anything. In addition to my flexibility when working with art directors and their projects.

Thank you.

Art & Products for Sale

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